What books do you like?

The book is the person's closest friend. She always tells a lot of new and interesting. She will always cheer up and distract from pressing problems. In the book you will always find the answers to the most burning questions. Reading, comparing the characters with themselves and analyzing their actions from their point of view, you draw certain conclusions. In the future, if a similar situation occurs in your life, you will know exactly what to do, because the answer was found during the reading. The book is always there if you need it, and quietly waits for your hour aside, if it is not needed. Is not that the qualities of an ideal friend. The book will help to place the pros and cons in their behavior and in the behavior of others. On other people's examples you will understand that you can create, contrary to public opinion, and what ideas are better left in the bud. Many position books as the main source of information. Of course it is, but the main source of information today is the Internet. But this does not detract from the dignity of the book. The book allows you to get positive emotions, learn empathy, bring bright colors into life. Books make people, and, consequently, the world around is better, lighter and kinder.